About Schurig Center

Helping Survivors and Their Families Thrive After Brain Injury, Concussion & Stroke


Since 1985, Schurig Center for Brain Injury Recovery has been improving the quality of life for people living with the effects of a brain injury, like TBI, concussion, stroke, aneurysm, and other causes. Schurig Center offers an array of rehabilitative and supportive services designed specifically to help brain injury survivors and their families live fully, meaningfully, and happily. We pick up where the healthcare system leaves off to help people adjust to life changes; regain essential skills; and, build new lives of value and purpose. Scholarships are offered for those living on a low income to ensure everyone has access to care.

We believe...

  • Everyone deserves a good quality of life.
  • In the healing power of the arts and community.
  • That unconditional compassion, innovative collaboration and unbridled generosity can make anything possible.
  • In the power of creativity and fun.
  • Not just as a powerful trauma healing tool that stimulates the brain, but as an engine that fuels our staff, board and community partners.
  • That success is about progress, not perfection. If you are farther today than you were yesterday, we will celebrate it!
  • That everyone can come as they are and be accepted.

Your Purchase Provides Healing and Connection

Schurig Center for Brain Injury Recovery is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. All proceeds from Schurig Center's Gift Shop help fund the healing programs offered at our center. Fund-A-Need gifts are cash donations and are tax deductible.

THANK YOU for helping us ensure no one is alone after brain injury!

501(c)3 charitable organization
Tax ID: 68-0105213
Legal name: Marin Brain Injury Network