Good Bye 2020 Box

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It's time to say "good bye" to 2020! Give someone a box of smiles to help them say good bye to this year and set the tone for a Happy New Year. All items in this kit were thoughtfully curated and handmade by Schurig Center staff members.

This "pick me up" gift includes...

  • Bell wind chime, every time this bell rings, it's a wonderful reminder of the love that surrounds us. Hangs 15" long, handmade with wood beads, a ceramic glazed ring, jute twine and a tin bell.
  • Happy Pills This mini jar has 20 Happy Pills, each with a smiley face and a positive message on paper rolled up inside
  • Votive candle hand-wrapped in natural fiber paper with charm, unscented. Every time this candle is lit, it's a reminder of the light and positivity that still remains even in the toughest of times.
  • Set of 5 notecards and envelopes, a great way to pass on the good vibes to 5 other people!
  • "Little Fit" Just in case 2021 gets a bit rough, Little Fit is here to help. So, don't despair. When your temper's flaring and you need a little air. When you feel your blood boiling and you're as mad as you can be... Go ahead, just pick it up, and throw a little fit!
  • "Hangin' Tough Achievement Award" Bookmark for surviving the Dumpster Fire of 2020
  • Pop Rocks for a snap, cracklin' sweet party in your mouth to celebrate that the new year is gonna ROCK!
  • Daily Intention Cards with questions to encourage starting each day with a positive focus.

Comes in a 9"x6"x4" box, perfect for gift giving or shipping.